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These images were captured using a Nikon E800 stereomicroscope with a 10X objective. The resolution is 1.35 pixels/micrometer.

The PC program used to grab the images, Microbrightfield's Neurolucida (version 6), stitched together a mosaic of between 10 and 50 high-res images for each tissue slice, while the user focused the 'scope for each mosaic tile. Since the nature of optic lenses is to focus on one central point, it was difficult to obtain a uniformly-focused field of vision; as such, small areas of these images are blurred.

Images were then transferred to a Macintosh and processed in Adobe Photoshop (version 7). Color levels were adjusted for maximum clarity of the tissue, and areas surrounding the tissue were cleared of artifacts.

Each image is approximately 3350 pixels wide by 2650 pixels high. A scale bar with a length of 1350 pixels/mm is visible in the lower righthand corner of each image.